The Necessity of Change

Image may contain: textTransitions. They seem to be constant. And honestly, sometimes I want to stop, just for a while, so I can catch my breath.

We start changing as soon as we are born. We change from a blank slate with no preconceived notions or muscle control to toddlers learning to walk and talk. Then we head to school and we change and grow daily. And then we are big people.

School is a microcosm of transitions, of change. And some kiddos really struggle with it. Some of the changes are minor. You transition from classrooms to the playground, to lunch to art or music or dance or PE. It’s daily and it’s constant. And we do a pretty good job of teaching students the mechanics of how to move around the building.

What we don’t always teach are the major transitions. New student coming into the classroom. New baby in the house. Parents splitting up or leaving. Medical issues. Having to move. How do you deal with those things?

We all go through them. Change. It’s constant.

The exhausting part of it is you feel like you just get into a routine and Bam! You are on the move again. Somebody shifted the goalposts. You got a brand new map with a new destination. A new normal.

But life transitions can also create the growth and space you need to move to where you want to be. Or sometimes to a place you never thought you could go.

Without transitions, my kiddos would be stuck in their classrooms every day with the same people. They would not get to experience art, music, PE or dance classes. They would not get to come to the library and read. They wouldn’t get to play outdoors and enjoy the sun. They would miss lunch. Well, maybe they wouldn’t “miss” lunch.

We transition to new jobs, to new communities. We transition our ways of thinking that open us up to new possibilities or people in our lives. We start to dip a toe out of our comfort zone and realize that we have the capability and sometimes, the responsibility to change so that we can do the things we are meant to do.

While I know that I have every right to sit in my house and watch 456 episodes of Law and Order (look it up–that’s how many there are), that’s not what I’m supposed to be doing. I’m supposed to be a reflective practitioner in everything I do so that I can transition into the person I want to be.

How do you deal with change? Is it easy or hard? What kinds of things do you need to do to ensure you are on the right path heading in the right direction?

For me, I’ll take the example of my littles minus the kicking and tantrums. I hope you’ll do the same. The world needs what you have to offer it!