How to Trick Yourself into Positivity

A couple of weeks ago I spoke with my son.  He lives in New York and is living the life that graduates from acting programs live while they wait for their break.

He sounded pretty down, which is unusual for him.  Auditions were few and far between.  Even finding a regular job was problematic.  He was frustrated and not sure what his next move would be.  We told him to hang in there. Something would come up.  We gave him some strategies, offered words of encouragement and told him how proud we are of his persistence and grit.

He called again this week, excited about several possibilities that could lead to greater opportunities down the road.  He landed a part that would allow him to take classes at NYU for free, a couple of auditions that could take him out of the city or out of the country and that he was the finalist for something that could be a really big deal in a few months.

How it works for the Rest of Us

It’s always amazing to me how quickly life can change.  When you are open and ready for opportunity, it will find you.  I find that when I’m smack in the middle of a rough patch, that’s when it happens.  The key is having faith that you are on the right track and knowing that good things are out there for you.

A friend of mine laughs at me because I continually tell her that I trick myself into things like this.  When I feel like things aren’t going my way or I stress over things beyond my control, I talk to myself.  Not on the street, that would be weird.  Nope, I do it in the mirror.  I look myself in the eyes and affirm what I want to happen before it happens.

When frustrated with how I feel physically, I repeat to myself, “I am happy, healthy, and full of energy.”  I do this several times until I feel what I’m saying.  New agey?  Maybe, but it works.

Your subconscious can’t discern between reality and how you want your life to be.  It gets it’s cues from you.  If you tell it you’re stressed, sad and feel like garbage, that’s what it processes.  If you tell it you are happy, healthy and are ready for whatever great things come your way, it will believe that.  You are in control.  You tell it what your reality is.

While I love to think that life will stay it’s hunky dory self, I know it won’t.  We all have challenges to overcome.  If we stay open and faithful to all of the wonderful possibilities that are out there and stay positive, maybe the challenges won’t seem so big.