We Plan and God Laughs

You name it. I’ve planned it.

And I feel like I’m pretty good at it.

But let’s be honest. Sometimes you make a plan and the thing still goes kerfluey.

Years ago, I had this awesome plan to go back to school for my teaching certification. Once I got that certification, I would teach at the school within walking distance to my house. The school that my boys attended.

And it almost worked.

I got my teaching certification. I went back to school again for my library science degree and got a job at a school in Raleigh.

And then, the call came. There was an opening for a librarian at the school around the corner from my house.

I went out and bought not one but two new interview outfits. I went to the interview with people I already knew. I felt like I nailed it. Then the principal called.

And they chose someone else. What?!

I had this all teed up. I got through every step of my plan and at the last minute, It. Fell. Apart.

I was devastated. But…

I went back to my job for a principal I did not care for but with people I loved.

I finished my master’s degree.

I got my National Board Certification which never would have happened at the other school.

I learned how to be a better librarian because of the women I worked with.

I got the opportunity to open two new schools with a woman who has come to be a wonderful friend of mine and who taught me to actually take a lunch break (you know who you are).

And I eventually got to work at a school near my house for the principal of my kids’ old school.

A twisted journey? Yes. But one filled with opportunities, people and joy I never would have gotten to experience without my plans being upended.

Disappointments will happen in life. That’s just how it is. But if you look at the opportunities that are present in the disappointment, it makes them more bearable.

And when you look back, you may just get one of those “Aha!” moments that come when you are removed from a situation. In my case, it took place this morning, after my shower, 13 or so years after the fact. Hopefully, your epiphany comes sooner.