What do You Need Independence From?

Image may contain: sky, plant, house, stripes, tree and outdoorIndependence Day. Freedom. Fireworks. Fun. I’m early. I know.

On Independence Day in the US, we celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence declaring our independence from Great Britain and the tyranny of King George III. That’s the reason for the holiday, anyway.

Honestly, I’ve always felt that there was a lot more to Independence Day.

It comes in the middle of the year and allows us to take an honest look at where we are in relation to where we want to be.

Unlike making New Years Resolutions, it gives us a chance to take a look at our lives and see what isn’t working. What isn’t serving our best selves or our needs.

And, It allows us to declare independence from said stuff.

In reflecting over the last six months, I decided that it was important to pick four things from which I could declare independence for the rest of the year. Here goes:

  1. Toxicity–I declare independence from anything that creates toxicity or is toxic in my life. Conversations, news, people, places, gossip, etc. There is absolutely no need to invite things like that into my circle. They only serve to bring out negative emotions and will not help move me toward my goals.
  2. Judgment–I declare independence from judging others. I’m going to say this is a tough one. When I see or hear of a situation, I generally view it through my own prism, through my experience and make a judgment about it. Fact is, everyone’s experience is unique and I have no idea what goes on with others. And most of the time my judgment serves to make me feel better about myself and how I handle things. It doesn’t serve anybody but me and is probably faulty.
  3. Fixing Others–I declare independence from fixing other people’s situations. This one? Also really hard for me. I am a fixer by all accounts. Heck, I even created a company with “Fix” in the name. I’ve watched enough sitcoms to think that everything has a solution that can be sorted and implemented in 22 minutes. Not so. As a result, when a loved one has a problem (or I perceive a problem) I spend more time talking at them than I do listening to them. You know, trying to fix it. People deserve the opportunity to change what needs to be changed. This way they know they can do it. This way they own it. I am always here to provide help, when asked and will always be here to support those I love, but the “fixing” or change has to come from within.
  4. Negative Self-Talk I declare independence from negative self-talk. I’m tired of the untrue stories, I tell myself about myself. I alluded to this yesterday in my post about being a loving parent to your inner child. I’m going to do that instead.

Moving forward through the end of the year, I hope that these things will help me be more of myself, connect authentically with others and change the way I view the world and those in it.

What about you? Have you thought about things that are holding you back? What will you declare independence from and how will that help you? Share with us and help continue to build a community dedicated to helping ourselves and others build their happiest and best lives.