What I Want to Be When I Grow Up

Image result for no act of kindness is ever wastedWhen I was little, I wondered about jobs.  I would make lists in my head. The Cool Job List.  Supreme Court Justice.  Congressman or Senator. International Business Woman.  Ambassador. Not in any particular order.

Taking a look at it now and searching for a running theme, I guess you could say that they all involve making important decisions that impact people’s lives.  Some involve a lot of travel.  They require good listening skills and ideally, a desire to get things done fairly and equitably (obviously, I had a pretty idealistic view of jobs growing up).

Being an ambassador, though seemed like it would be pretty awesome.  Going overseas and living in an embassy just sounds fancy.  Meeting with other heads of state and improving relationships with different countries?  Very cool.  Helping US citizens who may have had some trouble or problem that needs solving and being that lifeline for them?  It all sounded right up my alley.

But you don’t just go on Indeed and apply to be an ambassador.  It’s political and sometimes is given as a reward for helping to get someone elected to office.  Sadly, my resume does not include anything like that.

When I started Happy Fix, I realized that if I didn’t have the “qualifications” to be a US ambassador, I could create my own posse of “Happbassadors” or Ambassadors for Happiness.

While there are no fancy state dinners, we may go out and have coffee or a drink with a friend who needs some support.  Frequent foreign travel?  No, but we can pick up the phone and connect with somebody we love, even if they are far away.  Plucking a fellow citizen out of the jaws of a diplomatic dustup?  Probably not but we can lend a hand or our support to someone who needs it.

We are the model for what a happy, productive life looks like and commit to helping others do the same.  Resilience in the face of adversity.  Overcoming challenges.  Clarity of goals and taking persistent consistent action in reaching them.  Relationship builders.  Priority setters. Self-Compassion and Self-Care advocates.  This is what a Happbassador does.

One of the things I’ve always envisioned for Happy Fix is that it’s a movement.  It’s a movement that can move mountains.  It can help people move the needle from the mundane to a life of joy and inspire people to spread that joy to others.

Yesterday was Open House at my school.  Our students were back to see who they “got” for a teacher.  They were happy and huggy and all was right with the world.  I realized, last night, that while I may have not become the US Ambassador of my youth, I get to have a way cooler job!  Happbassador.  And, in actuality, I get to be Chief Happbassador solely because I made the word up.

I am so very grateful for the fact that you read this blog and leave such kind comments.  I hope you will continue this journey with me.  Hop over to our Become a Happbassador Page and sign up with your address so we can send you something official!  Happbassadors can and will make this world a better place!  I hope you’ll be part of it.  And if you know others who would benefit, share this with them!