What to do in The Great Pause

Soulshine: Yoga + Oils - Photos | FacebookOver the weekend, I read an article, Prepare for the Ultimate Gaslighting on a friend’s timeline about being careful through which lens we look at Coronavirus once the threat has ceased to be immanent and we all return to life.

And while I thought about the whole article, One phrase struck me right in the gut.

The Great Pause.

It may have been in use before this weekend, but for me, it was a first. Life definitely feels like it has hit the pause button and it is magnificent in scope.

As with most things, there are positives and negatives that live within it.

We see a reduction in pollution in some places. Families experience more quality time together. Communities rally around small businesses. We communicate more (albeit at a distance) with family and friends. We appreciate workers in our communities who may have been overlooked before. We witness the generosity of artists, authors, creators and organizations who have provided respite from the every day with the gift of their talents.

But, we also see shortages where there should be none. People lose their jobs at an unprecedented rate. Students who need to be in a school building with access to food, books, and technology can’t go. And those essential workers who have to show up to work may be challenged in finding childcare.

The Great Pause.

What this pause has given globally is time. Time to stop and take a microscopic view of what is working and what is not working for us. It allows us to see what we need, truly need to live the life we want to have. And to take an honest look at our families and our communities and the impact we can have in both of those worlds.

It allows us to drill down and see what is really important. Our health, mental, physical and spiritual and how we can, no must make sure that all of those very real needs are met.

And it gives us time and space within us to make a plan to take care of ourselves. To tap into that power that’s always been within to create a life that we love and gives others a model to follow.

I know for some this is an incredible hardship piled upon preceding hardships. But it’s also a gift to stop. To stop, and think, and create. How will you respond to The Great Pause? Because at some point it will be over. Life will be whatever life will be after. What will yours look like?