Do What’s Right, Not What’s Easy

Stacy Menzies Happy FixOver the past week I’ve been thinking about the college admissions scandal that has been all over the news. Like everyone else, I don’t like the unfair advantage some have over others, especially when it involves kids. But, honestly, this has been around for years. Maybe the actions weren’t as bold and egregious as we are seeing today but through legacy programs, “donations” etc. they have been¬†in place.

The plaque in this post sits on my desk as a daily reminder. As a parent and a teacher, I understand that you don’t want to see your child hurt or fail. You want to give them every advantage that you can. To some, that’s what being a good parent is; paving the way.

When you do that, though, you rob your child of the chance to learn how to be resilient and how to persevere through challenges. You take away that feeling of exhilaration they get when overcoming an obstacle. Paving the way becomes more about easing your discomfort and less about teaching them what they need to learn to live their best lives.

As many parents and teachers do, I struggle with this. What is the line between treating a situation with compassion and helping the child with what they actually need? I have to ask myself, will my action result in what is best for the child or what is best for me? It’s a loaded question and sometimes, I answer wrong.

I’m not sure what motivated the parents involved in this scandal to do what they did. It’s not my place to judge. It does, however, give me pause to think about my interactions throughout my day and forces me to ask the question “Am I doing what’s right, or what’s easy?” What are your thoughts?¬†#HappyFix#SelfCare