When Bad Things Happen to Good People

Image may contain: possible text that says 'SOMETIMES THE BAD THINGS THAT HAPPEN IN OUR LIVES PUT US DIRECTLY ON THE PATH TO THE BEST THINGS THAT WILL EVER HAPPEN TO US. Brian Trieng'We are going through a rough time as a nation. I get it. And like you, I worry.

I worry about people at my school. The bus drivers. The cafeteria workers. You know, all of the people who do the stuff that that gets our kiddos to school and fed while they are there. Those who work by the hour. Those who don’t get paid if they don’t work.

I worry about our teachers’ assistants who work on¬†an hourly basis and who we would be lost without.

I worry about our kids. How are they getting by? Do they have what they need to be able to complete their school work? To eat? Are they scared?

I worry about my kiddos’ parents. Parents who may be working several hourly jobs just to get by. And who may get laid off from said hourly jobs. Parents who may or may not have adequate health care or childcare.

I worry.

But I’m also really encouraged. Because through all the worry, there has also been a lot of good.

Teachers completely changing the way they teach because it’s the only way to give our kids what they need.

People at my school putting together and delivering curbside breakfast and lunch for our families. And school supplies. Bags of school supplies going home to our kids.

My colleagues reaching out to our students and their families making themselves available for homework help, guidance or comfort. Making video messages for our Facebook page to let students and their families know how much we truly love and miss them.

Churches offering virtual services to meet the needs of their parishioners without putting others at risk.

Small businesses changing the way they do business so that they can continue providing services to their customers, keep their employees working and weather this storm.

Communities coming together to deliver food to people who can’t come and get it for themselves.

Businesses providing free technology that we would normally have to pay for because it allows teachers and parents to provide educational resources without the cost.

Cultural organizations, zoos, and libraries creating virtual field trips and experiences so that learning can continue wherever the learner happens to be.

The humor. The inspiration. The coming together. The best things coming from something bad. Really bad.

Maybe it’s just the way I have my feed set up but I have not seen the negativity that has been a staple of social media displayed over the past couple of years. That’s good. If there’s anything we don’t need right now it’s negativity.

If you could measure positive vibes on social media, we would definitely be in the bonus.

And that’s what I love about people. At our core, I have to believe that we are good. And just like markets correct, maybe this terrible thing is a societal correction. One desperately needed.

Like a lot of people, I will be working from home for a while. I will focus on learning more about how to be an effective educator for my kiddos through reading (go figure) and remote learning opportunities. I’ll keep our school website updated with information that will help our families through this time. I will work on my Nationa Board Certified Teacher Renewal. I’ll find some grants so that when I do get back in my library, we can make it a more beautiful space for learning. And lesson plans. Good solid lesson plans.

Because I know we will be back. And when all of this is over, we will be stronger than when this all started. Isn’t that the silver lining in all of this? Moving forward and knowing that even though adversity we can, we will, we must, get better. Our future, our kids future and the future of our society depends on it.