Why Don’t We Celebrate More?

When you work towards a goal, do you celebrate your progress or worry about what’s left to do?

Last year, I painted my kitchen on the way to getting our home ready to sell.  I know you are jealous.  Crown molding, chair rails, window trim, walls and baseboard,  all carefully painted with Dover White and Agreeable Grey.   Two coats of primer and two coats of paint later I was just about done.  My husband admired my accomplishment.  The kitchen looked bright, airy and fresh.

How did I react to his compliments? “It looks good but there is  more to do.”   My initial reaction was not celebrating progress but focusing on the remainder of the goal..

For the love of Mary why don’t we celebrate more?

Sometimes, I think we are afraid of actually reaching the goals we set for ourselves.  It can be a step out of our comfort zone and into a world of uncertainty.  For me, painting my kitchen is another step toward getting my house ready to sell.  The same house we raised our children in.  It’s the place where friends and family come to visit.  The dwelling I’ve called home for the longest amount of time.

Celebrating progress (or sub goals) feels like we are cheating.  We haven’t completed the goal so therefore, we haven’t earned the right.  The danger you run into is when we don’t stop and celebrate, we can derail completion of the goal.  You have to look at how far you’ve come and use that as inspiration to keep going.

This morning, I took some time to reflect on my progress on a few of my goals this year.  I was surprised to see how much headway I’ve made.  I’m living a healthier lifestyle, building my business while working at my full-time job.  We’re adjusting to our new home at the beach. I’ve even stopped biting my nails (bad habit, I know but I’m working on it).  I am proud of where I’ve been and where I’m going.

It’s easy to be hard on yourself and listen to that negative voice that tells you you aren’t progressing fast enough.  Do yourself a favor.  Silence it by looking at where you were and where you are now.  Take a minute to celebrate progress and make a plan to make it to the finish line.  If you’d like share your progress so we can celebrate with you!